Print ordering

All print orders are subjected to these terms. Once an order is placed with us, the terms will be considered agreed to by you.

Our guarantee

If supplied goods are agreed to be of sub par quality due to error on our part then we will reprint the order and re-supply on our expense while the return of goods will be at your expense. When the former option is unable to be carried out, we will reserve the right to refund the money you have paid and the contract would be declared null and void.

Our quality

If our work, due to error on our part, is noticeably inferior to our previous works in terms of quality or less than the standard quality of other printers in the same price range, then we will accept that we have failed to meet the baseline standards and you shall be entitled to a reprint or discount.


For the artwork prepared by you, the proofs will be provided by us at our discretion or upon your request and must be agreed to by you in writing before the printing can proceed. If we have a part or involvement in the artwork, proofs will always be provided by us.


Colour variance is to be expected depending on the stock paper used. It is to be noted that a slight colour variation throughout a print run is inevitable.


We do not deem colour profiles as a reliable source of specifying colour nor do we agree to colour match to your printer or monitor or any other colour standard you may supply. It is compulsory to use a professional design software such as Indesign etc and files sent must have the specified CMYK colour values. Only then will we be able to match and produce prints that are up to our standard.


Matching any specified pantone colours to a swatch book other than ours is not guaranteed a good match. Some amount of variance will always be present, hence, we will not be subjected to reprint any works that have a slight colour variance.

and reprints

We reserve the right to refuse a reprint for zero charge if you change the specification or artwork. We will only offer reprints for free when we are the ones at fault.


We are not obligated to read and verify the content of the job accepted. Any legal action taken against you regarding the truthfulness and legality of the material we print for you is not our responsibility. And we are expected to be compensated fully for any damages or costs we incur during the process.

Our right
to refuse

We exercise our right to refuse service to any person for any reason, including orders that have been partially completed.

Errors in your
computer files

Any problems with the computer files sent to us will solely be your responsibility. Files sent to us must be compatible with industry standard systems in order to be processed properly. Hence, we will not be held accountable for any errors in your computer files that may cause a problem in the final print.

Claims and

If work is defective for any reason, including negligence, the Company's liability shall be limited to rectifying such defect, or crediting the invoiced value of the work only. We shall not be liable for indirect loss, consequential loss or third party claims occasioned by delay in completing the work or for any loss to you arising from delay in transit, whether as a result of the our negligence or otherwise.

Consumer’s right
of cancelation

You have the consumer’s right to cancel any orders you have placed with us. However, we will still charge you for the materials purchased in the contract and preliminary work or work that has already been undertaken up to the time of cancellation. Due to the bespoke and custom nature of our services and prints, you will not be entitled to a “cooling off’ period to cancel the work that has been ordered.


The information and personal data we receive is used only for the purpose for which it was provided. It is never disclosed to any third parties unless it is crucial to do so in order to continue our business or if requested by the authorities.


These Terms and Conditions and all other express and implied terms of the contract shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. Any deals between us will be subjected to the terms and conditions stated unless we have agreed to otherwise on paper.